About me


In 1997 I started my degree in Osteopathy at BCOM (British College of Osteopathic Medicine). After graduating I spent 10 years working in Cornwall, London and New Zealand.

In 2007 I decided to set up Brighton Osteopathy & Natural Therapy Clinic.

My interest in Osteopathy and physical medicine comes from a lifetime of activity and sports with resulting injuries. Also, from my teens and all through early adulthood I also experienced periodic bouts of back pain. These were put down to ‘growing pains’ and ‘being tall’ by anyone who examined me. These days I am relatively pain free (I still get injured in sports) and I put that down to finding the right way of exercising to suit my body.

I think everyone can and should find the right way for them to move and exercise. Once this path has been found everyone can essentially benefit fully from exercise. Osteopathy can help find that pathway.